Rick Chandler - Founder and CEO

With 30+ years experience, many at board level in global companies I have learned important lessons. I saw through the PC and “Dot Com” booms of previous decades many brilliant products were too soon, or too innovative for the market.

With the current “Start-up” and funding explosion reaching its zenith through the organic growth of IoT, Future Cities and a Digital Economy I find my experience is valuable. I like to guide this entrepreneurial activity to deliver the right products for the right time.

I gave the keynote speech at the UK’s first conference on Mobile Working, led the team that designed and built the first Mobile Internet platform and was Product Director of the UK’s largest PC Retail chain. I selected from hundreds of products to go on the shelves and learned to spot winners.

As e-Commerce hit the Internet I chaired the first UK Electronic forum representing the Users (10 Million of them if you count UK Government and NHS). I also chaired a European Internet Committee defining the technologies which would help it support global business.

I specialise in spotting rule-changing technologies, separating hype from reality and delivering worthwhile products and services.

I regularly present at international conferences and hold several industry appointments.

On the City roof garden of Olswang LLP, Holborn, London

Chairman CMA 

Treasurer and Board Member EEMA